London Therapy

Dr. Peter Barnett, Clinical Psychologist &

Anna Woodson, MSW, Registered Social Worker

Should I Call?


People are often anxious about coming to therapy.  We all have issues in our lives that upset us. Sometimes, we feel like we are not coping well and we need some help. Psychotherapy offers a confidential, supportive place to deal with problems.


Problems with which we are very familiar include feeling depressed, anxious, or irritable; having low self-esteem; and stress at home and at work.


Therapy helps people to come to terms with difficult childhoods and family of origin issues. We help clients to heal from physical, sexual or emotional abuse.


If you are having difficulties with relationships, including being unhappy with your marriage, getting close, or your ability to communicate; or if you don’t feel good about your relationships generally, therapy can help.


We help people to live with chronic pain and other consequences of car accidents, like being afraid to drive.



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